• Task 1.
  • Coordination & management

    Institutional agreements to support the establishment of the Collaborative Center of Excellence in Marine Sciences for Africa CCEMAR, and development of a PhD programme in marine sciences.

  • Task 2.
  • Dissemination of the project

    Dissemination of the project’s results to stakeholders of the Luanda Bay, universities, and local community

  • Task 3.
  • Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA)

    Perform an Ecological Risk Assessment that includes the participation of multiple stakeholders (e.g., fisheries, environment, oil, transport, territory administration, hotel and tourism, local communities, NGOs) to identify and assess risk source, and classification of values and assessment report of risk. Maritime Spatial Planning MSP Challenge

  • Task 4.
  • Marine biodiversity

    6th Jan 2001

    Water quality and human dimension assessment and monitoring/ quality of life at the Luanda Bay

  • Task 5.
  • Capacity Building at institutional level

    Iintensive courses, PhD level in marine sciences (3-4 years) and establishment of CCEMAR.

  • END